Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shows Returning this Month!

So many of my favorites shows are returning in just a few weeks and I can’t wait! Below is a list of the shows and their air-date and time!

Dancing With the Stars (Mon. Sept, 2oth @ 8 PM)

Castle (Mon. Sept, 20th @ 9 PM)

Glee (Tues. Sept, 21st @ 7 PM)

Grey’s Anatomy (Thurs. Sept, 23rd @ 8 PM)

They have just Started to promote many of these shows but we are still waiting on the promo for Grey’s Anatomy! But Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook made a post that on Tuesday of next week they will be making a big announcement! So be sure to check it out!  Below is the new Glee Promo Video!!

Keep checking back for all things Entertainment!!


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